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Fattore P is quality design and more.

Originated following a generation changeover, projecting us towards future challenges of a constantly changing business world. Breath of renewal, necessary changes, relentless evolution of technology: Fattore P stands between graphic art and technological innovations.

Thanks to our skills in graphic services field, we evolved to offer our clients a complete communicational layout: graphic, design, photography, marketing and communication, in line with the quality style of our creations and the deep knowledge of the needs of our customers.

By virtue of our bond with the tradition and thanks to our look out on the future, we created a modern graphic laboratory equipped with 3D printers, digital graphic, quality printings for multiple supports, and photo services.

Our graphic productions and our marketing services for businesses are guided by functionality criteria. With an all-embracing glance to global trends, we explore new digital worlds, with the light touch of imagination.
Innovation tecniques and large-scale production will then become essential tools in building the identity of the company by means of a constantly evolving graphic look.

We are supported by a Made in Italy know-how, synonymous with reliability and customers’ needs orientation, with production of customized digital designs.

Fattore P is the digital manufacture, building certainties inside the unpredictability of the future.


We dress your company from A to Z

Fattore P offers your business a complete communicational look, from marketing to graphic design.

We take care of study and strategies for both brand and marketing, of printing on any kind of advertising support, from small to large sizes, photographic services, website and e-commerce design, copywriting, press agency.

With us, as from today you will have a single partner to project your company of tomorrow and make it known to all the world.

comunicazione e marketing Fattore P


Fattore P turns your ideas into beauty

Fattore P is a box full of ideas that factually develops the potentialities of your planning intents.

It is a factory counting on many cooperators, internally and externally. Our strong point is the combination of the most advanced technologies for design, printing, 3D, transposition on every type of media, also on large sizes, and a photo internal lab.

We are able to timely carry out catalogues, flyers, brochures, image restyling, posters, websites and any other graphic look that your company may need.

We take care of logo restyling, selection of images and supports, the most suitable ones for your needs.

All your graphic demands are within our reach.


design firma fattorep

Fattore P relies on product design to be always at the cutting edge. Our strength is the capacity to networking: we are assembling a young creative staff, excellent designers and avantgard architects to make our projects unique and inimitable.

We seek perfection, we want to discover new talents able to imprint a change mark in design field. We make the best talents available for the design projects of your company.

Fattore P is design creations leaving a mark.

design di firma 2


We are the first graphic studio with a forty-year history to believe in 3D print, creating all kind of products according to the needs of our customers: industrial prototypes, scale models for architects, low cost gadgets. Our 3D products are the result of a careful and continuous research.

The high professionalism in the use of latest generation 3D printers are distinguishing Fattore P in the uncertainties of this market.

The first quality materials we use and high-tech machines enable us to offer a product that stands out for its elegance and convenience.

The near future of design is at hand.

stampe 3d

3D Polystyrene

Fattore P is ready to come along with you in the world of Polystyrene 3D-modeling.

Our team is always able to give shape to your idea: come and discover with us the practicality and versatility of polystyrene, which, finished with stucco and particular paints, can “transform” into stone, canvas, wood, plastic and much more.

Polystyrene is the ideal solution for realizing signs, scenic designs, support elements for visual merchandising, prototyping and customized planning that requires manufacturing flexibility, speed and lightness.

The final product can be perfectioned for both indoor and outdoor use.
Our passion is to give shape to your ideas.



To Fattore P photography is first of all a communication project

We study the codes of the image starting from photographic realization.

Fattore P is a company with many years of experience in photographic field. The thorough research project supporting each creation makes unique our photographic quality.

fotografia macchina

Not only photographic shots but a complete study of the image itself and what it intends to communicate.

We concretize your vision of the world with a click: a large photographic archive, photos printed on all sorts of supports, indoor and outdoor shots, pictures for launching products, photo services for any kind of events, for advertising, for magazines, catalogues and customized photo books.



Our professionalism is expressed by the capacity to make your needs virtual.

Fattore P team realizes virtual settings of products and materials: floor and wall: tiles, wood, parquets, textiles and marbles.

Any customer demand may be easily reproduced recreating virtual environments thanks to our continuous research in image domain.

Through the softwares for 3D simulation and modeling, Fattore P creates realistic images and introduce them in virtual settings that simulate the reality with an amazing visual impact.

To build is first of all an act of imagination.


Advanced technology and cutting edge equipment are our challenge.

Fattore P is at the forefront in Italy for the use of equipment and technology in large size digital printing.

Our experience allows us to recommend you the ideal material for your needs, the size, and best support for the realization of your products: forex, PVC, plexiglas, glass, metal, fabric, plaster, wood, leather, chipboard, uneven surfaces and more.

We can print directly on every support or realize adhesive plotter prints to be applied later.

For us the attention to the quality of the materials and the colour are our cornerstones.

colori cerchio


The magnetism of creativity


Thanks to the technology we have available, we can offer customers the realization of printable removable sheets.

These long-lasting sheets challenge the wear and tear caused by time, and without any loss in magnetic force it is possible to get a personalized and unique product. We have available different solutions for improving the value of your communicative effectiveness. Magnetic and metal sheets that immediately and charmingly express your idea of creativity and efficiency.

Innovation and simplicity in a gesture, in the service of your needs of change.




Fattore P is study for graphic research with a strong attention to visual and communicative impact.

Thanks to our graphic project and our expertise in marketing field, we are able to create pre-spaced intaglio-cut films with a strong effectiveness in communicative impact.

We realize pre-spaced intaglio-cut films for any surface, starting from the study of the needs of our customers. The focus on the communicative strength is what makes the work of our research team something inimitable.

Fattore P has a wide collection of films in different colours and style to be suitable for every need.


From now on your windows will be the best support to promote you.

Our pre-spaced stickers for windows originate from a careful study of the spaces and the communicative content of our customers. After a meticulous research we are able to propose windows decorations for making unique the company style and inform your clientele about the service offered

We use top quality materials and specific films for each single effect.
We enhance the value of prespaced items for an excellent visibility.

prespaziati vetrine


Travelling will be a personal and unique experience.

The Wrapping pre-spaced stickers by Fattore P decorate any kind of car, van, pick-up, in order to make effective and visible the presence of your company in your area.

We use heavy-duty materials, guaranteed by our long experience.

Our projects in communication research make fast and easy the creation of unique and exclusive decorations.

prespaziati wrapping


Would you like to renovate your home and your office without moving anything?

Fattore P is able to customize any decor element: wallpapers, prints on furniture, glass, wall stickers.

Our extensive photographic catalogue and our techniques allow us to choose together with the customer the best solution to renovate a furnishing or interior design item.

prespaziati design


From now on to exhibit has never been so simple: we take care of everything!

Fattore P is focused on the needs of customers looking for solutions for all types of display systems.

Thanks to the work of our team we are able to design display systems suitable for any purpose.

Our project capacity is extended by the possibility we have to realize booths and exhibition panels by using researched and valued materials, always at the cutting-edge.

Fattore P realizes display systems for great and less important occasions.

With Fattore P your exhibition booth becomes visible and functional, meeting the parameters of simplicity in exposing and attention to detail.

sistemi espositivi


When packaging is art

Fattore P is a company specialized in conceiving and producing packaging solutions.

We are able to design the packaging basing on the personality of your product, to produce small and big packages with all possible shapes of cases, flexible boxes, blisters.

The materials we use are the result of a careful research on the product to be packed. Thanks to the versatility of our expertise we are able to meet the needs of each customer.

Our project of continuous research is your guarantee.


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